Terms and Conditions for SRF PRO EA

Dear customers

Our SRF PRO EA is designed to trade the maximum amount of the pair with the least amount of withdrawals while meeting all the requirements of the financing company.

We designed this EA not only for the financing company's challenges, but also as an EA to apply to your personal accounts.

With that said, we hope you understand that EA is not limited to using corporate challenges, but is an EA built to help your business like any of our other EAs.

EA is designed to overcome challenges and will generate 5 to 10 percent profit.

However, you participate in each of these challenges with all care and risk.

There is no guarantee for your overall success, because we can not predict the future market and the results are based on past performance. If the following happens to financing companies:

Violate any challenge conditions,
Do you have a connection problem?
Connecting forbidden countries
Payment method problems
Or any other problem that you think is due to non-compliance with the correct rules and regulations as well as our recommendations.

By using this EA, you agree to the following terms and conditions set forth by Forex Advice.

This EA is built for target challenges set by companies like FTMO.
When you accept this challenge, you do it with your responsibility and expertise, the tool is only as good as the user.

You have to follow all the rules listed on your challenging website and follow the rules.

You are also responsible for any problems that may arise when using this EA, make sure you meet the requirements.
If you change any of the EA settings, you are 100% responsible for the good and bad results that may come from financing companies.

The user is also responsible for any disconnection, hardware problems or general problems in the operation of his computer.

If FTMO or other companies decide to change their rules, Forex Advice is not responsible for this change and can not reverse it.

In case of any problems due to changes in the rules, you can contact us and we will try to help you.

This EA is only refundable if it is not profitable according to our myfxbook or MQL5 seller, and not because of problems with misuse or misuse simply because you have decided you no longer want it.

SRF PRO EA monitors myfxbook or MQL5 accounts to identify any issues that may arise and is used as a reference to determine any malfunctions in EA performance.

With respect

Forex Advice Ltd